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Optimising CI/CD Processes - Hopper Configuration Upgrade

ℹ️ This is a multipart series exploring CI/CD optimisations ℹ️

  1. Intro!
  2. Identifying Common Steps
  3. Caching + Docker (and layer caching)
  4. Test Parallelization
  5. Hopper Configuration Upgrade (Deliveroo-specific)

Hopper configuration upgrade

Hopper is the deployment software we use at Deliveroo. It deploys our services and Lambdas to AWS. It’s really cool, tbh, but, I’m slightly biased 😉.

The team responsible for Hopper recently released a v2 Configuration. There’s a lot of things that come with it, but mostly it aims to streamline processes and provides additional, helpful configuration options.

The service I was working on was, unfortunately, not using this new configuration.

After upgrading to v2 (which the team made super simple), we saw our deployments go from between 6-11 minutes to less than 5 minutes consistently.

Lesson here is that it always pays to stay up to date! There’s loads of places this lesson can be applied, but I’ll leave you to figure them out!

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