Words by Vernacchia

JS Framework Evaluations

As I stated in my original post, I want to evaluate the frontend frameworks that have been created “recently.”

I plan to delve into:

  1. React
  2. Svelte
  3. SolidJS
  4. Vue.js
  5. Qwik
  6. htmx
  7. Lit
  8. Astro (kind already started haha)

In addition, I’m also planning to explore “higher-level frameworks” that supplement these, such as:

  1. React
  2. SvelteKit
  3. SolidStart (May wait until this one is out of beta, or may not 🤷)
  4. Nuxt

** Update **

Instead of building a Pokédex, I’ll be building a Github Issue Viewer (and creator). This will allow for:

  • Login (via Github)
  • Playing around with APIs
  • Handling form submissions (basic issue creation)
  • Page transitions
  • Filtering
  • etc.

I’m going to be exploring some technologies to make life easier and develop more quickly. They include things like:

  • RadixUI
  • shadcn components
  • React Aria Components
  • etc…

I’ll update you as I go!

** Old (not being done anymore) **

Alright, so I’m not about to dive into this without a game plan. I’ve got a project in mind to make this exploration a bit more fun. Let’s build a Pokédex, using the PokéAPI! You’ll be able to check out different Pokémon and even whip up your own. This will allow me to:

  • Play around with APIs
  • Handle form submissions
  • Understand pages transitions
  • And, who knows, maybe throw in a few more bells and whistles along the way!

Until next time...